two posts in two days you are so lucky omg

i got off my ass & started writing for the Good Men Project again. my new column, “It’s Just Lines and Lines and Then I Quote Jeff Mangum and Kanye West” can be read here. in my mind i am writing these weekly. in reality, i’m not so sure.


Heavy Feather Review just dropped their inaugural issue & it is stacked. i have two pieces in there: “Memoir, Pt. 2,” which is an excerpt from Monogamy Songs, as well as my “lost” Oregon Trail poem, “The Oregon Trail is 88 mph.”

the HFR issue is stacked. & when i say stacked, i am saying Chloe Caldwell. i am saying J.A. Tyler, Roxane Gay, Robert Vaughan & Elizabeth Ellen. i am saying i haven’t even started listing names.

you can order it here.


Connotation Press made me their mid-January featured fiction writer, which is really fucking cool. inside are three excerpts from Monogamy Songs (one piece that is dedicated to Bob Hicok) & an interview of me (it’s kind of an interview inside an interview even though i kind of hated Inception) by Meg Tuite.

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