Don Hertzfeldt – Genre

Don Hertzfeldt - Genre

Don Hertzfeldt’s 2nd brief movie.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

iTunes: Big because of Dave for all function he did with me about this! Check him out at http://youtu…

50 thoughts on “Don Hertzfeldt – Genre

  1. Classic. First saw this and several of Hertzfeldt’s about a decade ago and
    still keep coming back to them. Genre and Ah, L’Amour and Rejected are 3 of
    the funniest cartoons have seen ever.

  2. @TalvinenNoita I think that’s the ‘foreign’ part of it. -lol- It’s

  3. How many of these did they have to google? Because pretty much no one’s
    ever heard of zouk or quan ho before.

  4. That’s one way to do an alphabet song. I enjoyed the different genres used
    with good variety and music for each one. As for the song as a whole it is
    a bit disconnected from each genre changing, but hey, it sounds great
    anyway and is a unique and interesting take for a challenge.

  5. That was pretty neat. The type of “emo” you went with was a little
    disappointing, though.

  6. Actually the Viking Metal song is awesome! you should make a whole
    version…and go on tour with Amon Amarth eheh


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